Amy laviers thesis

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Amy laviers thesis

This was back when I was married and had a husband who I had to occasionally humor with his preference in consulting a doctor every time one of us sneezed. I went in knowing I was not OK with fluoride but as the dental hygienist began to rake me over the coals for rejecting their Amy laviers thesis treatment I realized that while I knew it was harmful, I did not know the reasons why.

Let me tell you, that hygienist, while sweet as can be, was like a soldier going into battle. So often taking a stand against a norm in the medical community is incredibly hard to do-it takes big balls, my friends. If we are going to go against doctors, you better have the facts to back up the conviction.

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Fast forward to 3 weeks ago and I was at a play date with several moms and we were discussing fluoride in toothpaste Amy laviers thesis was it good or bad. Once again, I piped in with my opinion against it but had no facts backing up my convictions. This research was long over due, let me tell you.

Be prepared to get your mind blown. According to several sources, fluoride has been called a developmental neuro-toxin that can be compared to led, mercury and flame-retardants.

Saying no to fluoride in our toothpaste is just the tip of the iceberg. Fluoride is being injected into our city water and has been for decades. As usual as with so many skin care ingredients as well most European countries have banned fluoride.

Yep, the American government is loose as a goose when it comes to protecting us from poisonous substances to the point that it is still being added to our drinking water despite large amounts of data showing that it is a poison.

So first off, why is there fluoride in our water and why does the majority of the dental community recommend it as a treatment and demand it be in our toothpaste? Beginning influoride was added to our water in the U. It was thought to strengthen the teeth, protecting them against tooth decay and cavities.

Fluoridating our water was meant solely to improve our dental health. This is according to the World Health Organization. This proves that fluoride is not an effective dental tool. Fluoride is a drug.

Amy laviers thesis

It is used to treat a disease. The real shocker here is that someone other then myself has determined that I need a drug to treat a condition that neither myself nor my children asked to be treated for. Does this make sense? I avoid drugs at all costs-how is it OK that the majority of Americans are unknowingly drinking a toxic poison?

The majority of water goes down the drain! Mercolathe pure form of fluoride is not being injected into our water. Rather hydrofluosilicic acid is used which is a toxic waste product of the fertilizer industry that is frequently contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins.

Negative Effects of Fluoride:When Amy LaViers was just 3, her mother and a group of parents in her tiny town in southeastern Kentucky collaborated to bring a dance teacher to the second floor of . Catie met lab director Amy LaViers at the Conference on Research on Choreographic Interfaces (CRCI) in March of , organized by Sydney Skybetter, where common interests in consumer technology, choreography, and robotics drew the two together.

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