Exporting democracy

Kristen Sample, " No hay mujeres: Sincescepticism has continued to grow concerning the legitimacy and efficacy of external action. American intervention outside its frontiers is increasingly perceived as an imperial projection.

Exporting democracy

The spread of democracy, a preoccupation of the West in general and the United States in particular, has become tarnished in recent Exporting democracy because of George W.

Rae offers a wise and compelling alternative vision. His account begins in the 17th century, with the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution ofand moves briskly from the American and French Revolutions through the ideological upheavals Exporting democracy the 19th century to the genocidal horrors of the 20th.

Along the way, his narrative turns on the major political arguments of the time. One chapter centres on the great debate over revolution and liberty between Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke; another channels the political spirits of John Maynard Keynes and George Orwell.

Through such debates, Rae draws out the best aspects of the democratic tradition and reveals the abuses to avoid. In a direct challenge to those who would export democracy by force, Rae offers the more staid, sober, reasonable - well, Canadian - alternatives of tolerant pluralism, patient federalism and good governance.

He would like us - meaning Europeans and North Americans - to nurture democracy elsewhere from the bottom up rather than impose it from the top down. Story continues below advertisement "Short-term power might come from the barrel of a gun," he writes in what might be his guiding philosophy, "but long-term authority and legitimacy require something else: This is a signature Canadian viewpoint, and Rae believes that it can offer Canada a greater role in world affairs.

An increasingly complex, globalizing world needs democracy because it offers the best means for conflict resolution. Thus, war and civil war can be reduced through the patient spread of democratic government. In short, Rae says, Canadians have a lot to offer.

And with authoritarian alternatives gaining credibility in China and elsewhere after the twin debacles of Iraq and the Great Recession, the world needs Canada now more than ever before.

Exporting democracy

This might seem like a nationalistic conceit and of course it isbut he has a point. This is a splendid book that should be required reading in Ottawa, Washington, London and beyond, but it is not flawless. There are remarkably few factual errors for a book of such admirable range and learning.

Only one stuck out as important: Syria and Hamas are not in fact "predominantly Shiite" but overwhelmingly Sunni despite their strategic alliances with Shiite Iran; the distinction is critical to Middle Eastern politics, as the Bush administration discovered belatedly in Iraq.

In a larger sense, however, Rae mistakenly assumes that democracy promotion was the driving force behind U. In a particularly powerful chapter, he uses three presidential speeches - by John F.

Bush and Barack Obama - to illuminate the dangers of waging war to spread democracy. It is a common assumption, and Rae is certainly not the first to make it. But it is mistaken nonetheless. Had that been the case, U. The point is not to criticize U.Feb 04,  · The book tells a cautionary tale — revealing that U.S.

efforts to export democracy in the Americas have met with little enduring success and often have had counterproductive effects. Exporting Democracy is available in two paperback volumes, each introduced by Abraham Lowenthal and organized for convenient course arteensevilla.comed on: February 01, Mar 15,  · Those seeking evidence that the United States retains an ability to export democracy in the 21st century should turn their attention away from city squares in Kiev and Cairo to more peaceful terrain where a major global devolution of control from political elites is underway.

A Cairo court has convicted 43 men and women of using foreign funds to foment unrest inside Egypt in connection with the overthrow of President Hosni arteensevilla.comn of those convicted were Americ. “Democracy” is incompatible with the “unalienable rights” doctrine, “republic” more closely aligns to it which is why the Founders chose that form of government and not democracy.

America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy. The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else. , pages; Published by Zed Books (UK), Fernwood Books (Canada) ISBN: (UK), (Canada) Table of Contents; Purchase; Other Languages; For over 65 years, the United States war machine has been on auto pilot.

Can the United States Export Democracy?

Mary Fran T. Malone Department of Political Science T oday we hear politicians, pundits, and the public grapple with this question, particularly.

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