How to write a mystery shoppers report

This page contains some affiliate links, regardless I only endorse opportunities that may benefit my readers. How to write great mystery shop reports Writing great mystery shop reports is a key ingredient in becoming a "go-to" mystery shopper. Just as important are the actual mystery shop reports you will complete detailing your visit, phone call or experience during the shop. What kind of mystery shop reports are companies looking for?

How to write a mystery shoppers report

Once the shop has been completed, the mystery shopper needs to write out a shopper report. However, there are several key points to follow while recording the information.

Follow the "Yes" and "No" answers you wrote out on the report there is a tally sheet where you mark yes or no for the different tasks provided.

The article needs to back up the "Yes" and "No" marks you gave and specify why you gave those answers.

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Include all the details you can remember. You are not allowed to take notes while performing the shop this gives you away so remember everything you can and include the information in the reports. The more information provided, the more helpful the article proves to be.

Do not refer to yourself in the report. State what occurred during the shop, not what you did. The reviewer is not interested in you, only what took place during the review. Include all the positives you experienced, such as the wait staff being friendly, quick service or someone going beyond the call of duty to help you.

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how to write a mystery shoppers report

Remember, if you ever have a question about how to apply this requirement to the shop you are currently working on, you can always ask your scheduler or editor. Because mystery shoppers have an eye for detail, they notice a lot.

However, not all of what they see needs to be in the report. If you're hired to go into a store in a mall to make a purchase at a specific clothing store, stating that the mall parking lot was very full probably isn't needed in the report.

Being a mystery shopper can be an exciting and interesting career. The job entails visiting businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, spas, fitness centers or any other type of establishment and making a purchase or using a service.

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Once your visit to the establishment is complete, you will be required to. As a secret shopper, after you complete your work, report writing is your final task.

However, you may be surprised on how the lengths of mystery shopping reports can vary. Some are short, and some can be extensive.

how to write a mystery shoppers report

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Here are best practices when completing a mystery shopping report. BLOG; BECOME A SHOPPER; LOGIN; The Premier Mystery Shopping Company Many shoppers fall into one of two categories when writing narratives: Too little detail or too much detail.

The former write statements such as, “Service was great. The Premier Mystery Shopping.

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