Nus scholarship essay 2013

Recipients are encouraged to be actively involved in student life activities, in order to have a good study-life balance and a holistic college experience.

Nus scholarship essay 2013

From these interests, I always try to connect all my activities which are related to my personal background with my future plans.

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For instance, one of my biggest dreams is to become a lecturer. As the consequence, I should improve my capacity in geography research, teaching skill, and scientific papers writing skill. Above all, perhaps the most important areas of improvement for me is to develop good character to be the role model for my students.

One thing that my friends and I have started since is an education project. We did this ongoing project close to my house in Ngemplak, Caturharjo, Sleman.

KGLC has three focuses, which are library service, non-formal education, and youth empowerment. Nowadays, KGLC has several partners from the government sector: S Embassy Jakarta as well. Obviously, KGLC is a movement to give the youth opportunity to invest their strong interest in education field by joining as a volunteer.

So, this is about how the youth generation can make positive impacts for the sustainable environment in the society. I was selected to join this program with four awesome Indonesian young leaders: So our group consisted of five members!

This winter we also had a sociopreneur group Sheila, Putri, Rara, Juli, Opi, and Oni which has the same host university. I hope that it will be useful for you. Find your motivation, why should you register to this program?

One basic thing that you must realize is about motivation. Sometimes people want to join the exchange program mostly for gaining a new experience abroad.

Or they just follow the common trend of going abroad through a cross cultural program. Even worse, they are so ambitious only for traveling.


Is this the right motivation? We should not put those personal goals as the main reason to apply this program. Moreover, please think about something that are more useful for our community, society, and country.

I have tried to apply this program three times but failed the first and second times.

Nus scholarship essay 2013

I knew that I have to understand my motivation to join this program. Again, think about your community and how this program will support your project.

This is only one example of how important a motivation is. Based on my previous experiences, there were three documents that should be submitted to the U. S Embassy Jakarta, including the application form CVpersonal statement, and one recommendation letter. Here I will share how to make an impressive CV.

Focusing on your main passion in appropriate activities is one the best ways to make a good personal information. I reflected on my last experience when I put all my leadership experiences in some different organizations with different focuses.

In my opinion, it will be better if we just put the most relevant or suitable to our background. For example, I want to apply to the Civic Engagement program which requires the activities on the topic of community service, participatory in civic activism, education, volunteering, social movement, NGOs, or others similar programs.

Additionally, ensure that you have filled out all the information personal information, paid work experience, unpaid internship or volunteer experience, membership in associations, English proficiency, etc in English.

Please read the instruction carefully. Remember that incomplete applications will not be considered. So how to make an impressive CV? I think it should be clear, distinct, and focused. So, make your CV impressive.

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Character (some request for essays and etc) Scholarship window opens in Jan/Feb, so the school will usually send an email. For example, five years back when I was an undergraduate student, I received a National University of Singapore Undergraduate Scholarship that funded my tuition costs for four years along with a monthly .

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