Project report on hotel customer satisfaction

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Project report on hotel customer satisfaction

In today's increasingly competitive environment, quality services and customer satisfaction are critical to corporate success. Delivering high quality services is closely linked to profits, cost savings and market share.

Project report on hotel customer satisfaction

Companies should, to a much higher degree, be aware of the fact that customer dissatisfaction equals both defection and long-term losses. As stated by various authors Ballantayne et al. It is easier and much cheaper - to keep existing customers than to get new ones. Additionally, another benefit from achieving satisfied customers is the fact that the willingness to repurchase is much higher for satisfied customers than for dissatisfied and indifferent ones.

Despite this awareness concerning the importance of customer satisfaction, it is beyond the ability of many of today's service companies to maintain satisfied customers. Empirical surveys concerning the proportion of satisfied versus dissatisfied customers reveal that a large amount of service industries suffer from an insufficient number of satisfied customers.

A survey conducted in the BD by Dr. He examined the overall customer satisfaction levels in various service branches: One can argue that these results constitute a low range of general service provision. Howeverit is important to emphasize that it is almost impossible to compare various levels of satisfaction, as the numbers depend heavily on the specific method of measurement.

As a result, it is not possible to refer to the degree of satisfied versus dissatisfied customers in absolute terms, but only in relative terms. Based on the results above, the impression rises that the discipline of satisfying customers is not always successfully translated into activities practiced by service companies.

This fact has supported our interest in conducting an investigation concerning the relationship between service providers and customer satisfaction. Methods to Measure Customer Satisfaction Companies use the following methods to measure customer satisfaction.

Companies obtaining complaints through their customer service centers, and further suggestions were given by customers to satisfy their desires. Responsive companies obtain a direct measure of customer satisfaction by periodic surveys.

Companies should contact customers who have stopped buying or who have switched to another supplier to learn why this happened. Consumer behavior refers to the manner in which an individual reaches decision related to the selection, purchases and use of goods and services.

Consumer behavior relates to an individual person Micro behavior where as consumption behavior relates to and to the mass or aggregate of individuals Macro behavior consumers behavior as a study focuses on the decision process of the individual consumer or consuming unit such as the family.

Project report on hotel customer satisfaction

In contrast the consumption behavior as a study is to do with the explanation of the behavior of the aggregate of consumers or the consuming unit.

Consumer is a pivot, around which the entire system of marketing revolves. The study of buyer behavior is one of the most important keys to successful mark.Customer satisfaction is the level of a person’s felt state resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance (outcome) in relation to the person’s expectations”.

In today's increasingly competitive environment, quality services and customer satisfaction are critical to corporate success. Customer satisfaction is an ambiguous and abstract concept and the actual manifestation of the state of satisfaction will vary from the person to person and product to product.

The state of the satisfaction depends on a number of both psychological and physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behaviors such as return and recommend rate.

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The Path to Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Improvement: targeted customer satisfaction measurement program can be extremely helpful in Build Project Team On-Going Tracking Phase 6 (Performance Assessments, Report Generation, Periodic Qualitative Research, etc.).

Our Customer Satisfaction Research is designed to help you win and maintain customers for life. After all, satisfaction usually leads to a customer returning and buying more.

A SAMPLE HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROJECT DOCUMENTATION. Download. The system help reduce the congestion of guests ensuring best service output for customer satisfaction purposes.

from the CD. Double click on the directory to open the folder. In the folder, double click on the ABC hotel access project icon to open the system. The topic Is “ ASTUDY REPORT ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND SERVICE ANALYSISOF MANICKBAG TVS IN BELGAUM CITY ” the study is undergone at project report focuses on customer satisfaction and post sale services, of ManickbagTVS motors.

A two wheeler showroom in Belgaum city.

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