Role of youth in combating terrorism

The Islamic State is mobilizing children and youth at an increasing and unprecedented rate. The data suggests that the number of child and youth militants far exceeds current estimates.

Role of youth in combating terrorism

More Essay Examples on Terrorism Rubric We now recognize all too well how susceptible we really are, however it is difficult to forecast how such threats will develop in the future, and the extent to which states and their proxies will use alternative methods of attack as distinguished from terrorists.

Possible foreign attackers have good cause to fear American military power, and most are still improbable to launch such attacks without considering the risks. Waging asymmetric warfare against the United States presents the greatest chance of success and the least risk of reprisal, and some key technologies are developing in ways that help the attacker.

For instance, biological and information warfare will Role of youth in combating terrorism make the possible threat from foreign and domestic attackers more serious over time Falk, Internal conflicts stemming from religious, ethnic, economic, or political disputes will stays at current levels or even augment in number.

The United Nations and regional organizations will be called on to cope such conflicts for the reason that major states—stressed by domestic concerns, perceived risk of failure, lack of political will, or tight resources—will reduce their direct involvement.

Export control regimes and sanctions will be less efficient due to the diffusion of technology, porous borders, defense industry consolidations, as well as reliance on foreign markets to maintain productivity. Arms and weapons technology transfers will be more difficult to control.

Prospects will grow that more sophisticated weaponry, together with weapons of mass destruction indigenously produced or externally obtained will get into the hands of state and nonstate belligerents, some antagonistic to the United States.

The probability will increase over this period that WMD will be used either against the United States or its forces, facilities, and interests overseas. Approximations of the number of distinct ethnic-linguistic groups at the start of the 21st century run from two thousand to five thousand, ranging from small bands living in isolated areas to larger groups living in ancestral homelands or in diasporas Innes, The United States faces rising potential threats from state actors, their proxies, as well as independent extremists and terrorists.

Though different analysts may have tended to exaggerate the instant threat or the current threat posted by given actors, the events of September illustrate this scarcely means that the threat is not real or that the nation does not need to improve its defense plus response capabilities.

The United States have to plan to defend against such threats not merely to defend its own homeland, however as well to protect its capability to deploy forces overseas and its allies. The practical problem is to make a decision exactly how to be deal with highly doubtful emerging threats in a world where the United States has restricted resources and several other priorities.

There are several potentially antagonistic foreign and domestic sources of such threats, and some key threats like biological weapons involve fast changing technologies that will pretense a progressively growing threat to the U.

Role of youth in combating terrorism

Finding the correct mix of defense and response is very difficult, though, and it is far easier to call for theatrical action than to find out what actions will actually succeed and be cost-effective and after that execute them.

It is obvious that the federal government is making progress in several areas and is laying the groundwork for improved cooperation with states, localities, the private sector, plus the public. Certainly, by the standards of many governments that face far more clear threats than the United States, the United States has already made noteworthy progress in start to address these issues.

In several cases, it is previously well ahead of its friends and allies Itzkoff, Seymour W.

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Simultaneously, there is still much to be done, and the Bush Administration faces huge challenges in raising a truly efficient federal program.

There are fundamental conceptual and tactical gaps in the way the United States is approaching the problem. An efficient approach to homeland defense as well means understanding that the range of threats is adequately great so that the United States cannot plan to cope with just one attack at a time.

Attacks may be coupled to continuing theater conflicts. If missile threats against the United States are serious enough to deploy WMD, then defense have to consider the threat of mixes of missile and covert attacks and response have to consider the risk that a missile attack will penetrate any WMD defense.

Multiple attacks are probable, as are sequential attacks. The United States must already start to think and act in response to such risks, however with the foresight that its defense and response to the first attack will set the example in a world in which many similar threats may take place in the future Gerson, Allan, and Jerry Adler, The United States have to widen the way it handles homeland defense to address all of the tools it has at hand.

Approaches to improving homeland defense that arbitrarily exclude U. So do definitions that understate or disregard the broad spectrum of U.

Lastly, putting a new prominence on homeland defense is not a cause for creating a new form of isolationism. Cooperation with our allies and friendly governments can be critical in defending against and deterring asymmetric attacks by foreign states and counterterrorism. Such actions cannot defend against domestic terrorists and extremists, however they can have a major impact in reducing what may well be the most serious basis of potential attacks with nuclear and effective biological weapons.

In several cases, there appears to be an assumption that creating the right organization chart and set of federal accountabilities can make a mix of federal authority, capabilities, and liaison efforts with state and local governments that can handle the problem Geldenhuys, One does not have to be a believer in chaos theory to understand that such an approach is almost surely wrong.The Role of Youth In order to consider the role of youths in India it is helpful to first consider the overall situation in India as this provides the .

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